The Rye Room

Small batch × handcrafted records


The Rye Room is a full service recording studio owned and operated by engineer/producer Matt Greco, located in southwest Portland.


Serving the Pacific Northwest, The Rye Room provides musicians with a recording experience tailored to each individual or group. Every band or artist brings unique elements into their music. Our goal is to distill these elements with care, handcrafting each record to be the best it can be.

We believe recording is about the experience. We have put a great deal of thought into design, vibe, and comfort to ensure you are able to deliver your best performance. Capturing that performance is enhanced in the right environment, which is why all rooms are tuned and custom wired for exceptional acoustics. 

Small batch, handcrafted records means we approach each project with an eye for quality, lifelong passion for music, and a focus on creating your best record. 



(971) 703-4184



6200 SW Virginia Avenue #100
Portland, OR 97239



Recording: $40/hr, $350/day

Mixing: $40/hr, $350/day

Editing: $40/hr


The Rye room sessions

Featuring local artists performing live in The Rye Room. The first session features Eric John Kaiser, a singer/songwriter originally from Paris now living in Portland, Oregon.





January 9, 2017 | Portland Radio Project

Drop-In Session with Matt Greco on Business of Music

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The rye room

6200 SW Virginia Avenue #100
Portland, OR 97239